Has Season 3 of Sherlock Aired Yet?
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As always, I will pick my favorites later tonight. I will also be taking submissions for questions for next week. Just shoot me an ask.

What were the different Sherlock characters senior superlatives in high school?

(Senior Superlatives are awards like “Best Dressed” or “Mostly Likely To Succeed” etc. I totally want to see the funny/creative ones) ?

  1. alohomora221b answered: Anderson: Most likely to suck eggs
  2. kinthulou answered: Not creative, but you know Moriarty was “Most Likely To Turn You Into Shoes.”
  3. lecroft answered: Most Likely to Age Well: Lestrade
  4. bottleofspookygrace answered: Jim got Most Popular after he told everyone he thought it was stupid (and so were they). Needless to say, he hunted down everyone.
  5. pkmndaisuki answered: Molly Hooper: Most Likely to be a Secret Serial Killer
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  7. cirthithil answered: Cutest will probably be Molly.
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  9. epicwinsauce answered: Best dressed: Moriarty. Most likely to dress like it’s Christmas all year-round: John.
  10. bjllykaplan answered: Sherlock: Most likely to get punched in the face
  11. jonpertwee answered: Mycroft: Most likely to buy Australia for reasons totally not involving a dubious prison program.
  12. shwatsonlocked2 answered: Biggest flirt: Irene Adler
  13. sophietheadventurer answered: Mycroft- most likely to join the W.I, despite his gender!
  14. iolowilliams answered: Worst hair: Greg Lestrade (he had a perm)
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  16. mrsrobin answered: Sherlock- Most likely to be an ass